Prices captured on PriceRating are kept strictly confidential. Only a small number of people have access to the price database, which does not contain any sensitive information other than email addresses.

Verification / Quality Assurance

While it's always possible that an incorrect price may be entered into our database, we have a number of mechanisms in place to identify and ignore such prices. For quality assurance reasons, we can't provide more details on these mechanisms here. However, we do assess the dependency of a price on other prices and check its origin. If we doubt the authenticity of a price, we'll send an email to the submitter requesting an explanation. If our team can't be convinced of the authenticity, the price will be ignored. Obviously incorrect prices, such as those that are wildly too low or too high, will be deleted without comment.

What types of prices can be captured?

In principle, all prices from the IT-B2B sector can be captured. Freelancer prices are not currently supported.

When should/may a price be captured/when not?

You can capture a price whenever it has been negotiated. If the price is recurring, such as with a long-term customer, you can re-capture it each time there has been an opportunity to renegotiate it.